• Emily has the summer uniform down - a comfy tee paired with a breezy linen pair of #OceansidePants made in the shorts length. I could wear this every day! πŸ“· @sewnrose
  • Psst...want to hear a secret? There's a woven tank pattern in the shop - just lengthen the tank bodice of the #bspCatalinaDress and BOOM! Rayon tank summer dreams come true. πŸ¦„
  • If you prefer knit tank tops, you can't go wrong with the #kireicami like this summery pineapple one by Tricia πŸ“· @tricia_2gls1by
  • On my cutting table - using a bit of this precious vintage sheet fabric, a gift I've been hoarding for years. I think this is going to be a favorite summer top.
  • I could spend my summer in a #marigolddress like the one Fiene sewed. You? πŸ“· @elbmiezen
  • I made a cropped version of the #ShorelineBoatneck and cut the hem straight across to take advantage of the pretty scalloped edge on this coral eyelet fabric.
  • How great is Miriam's #marigolddress turned into a shirt (just lengthen the bodice) with that double pocket detail she added? πŸ“· @vansquirrel
  • #TillerySkirt guts. I just love the finish on this pattern.
  • I always love Martha's colorful print choices, and this #bspcatalinadress is no exception. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
πŸ“· @garichild
  • Perfect details on these #oceansidepants by Nat @49tamtam1979 - look at the grommets she added for the drawstring! Love that.